Discover the wonders of Old MacDonald’s Farm & Fun Park, an exciting family-friendly destination nestled in the heart of Brentwood, Essex. With a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities, there’s never a dull moment for the kids here. Rain or shine, this farm has got you covered!

When the weather is less than perfect, two fantastic indoor play areas await you and your little ones. Explore your imagination through role play, where kids can become doctors, mechanics, artists, or even toy makers! And be sure to check out the NEW Spiderman tower, where young adventurers can reach new heights and ring the bell at the top, feeling like the king of the castle. Or get back to basics and bond with the farm animals.

As you explore the farm, you’ll have the chance to greet and learn interesting facts about a variety of animals, making your visit truly educational and engaging. Meet the majestic Cows, the clucking Chickens, and the friendly Donkeys, each with their unique charm. Interact with the playful Goats and the wise Owls, and don’t forget to say hello to the endearing Shetland Ponies and the magnificent Shire Horse.

But that’s not all—Old MacDonald’s Farm proudly presents a selection of not-so-farmyard animals, adding an extra element of surprise to your adventure. Be amazed by the adorable Chinchillas and the cuddly Guinea Pigs, and observe the inquisitive Meerkats and the playful Otters in action. Marvel at the swift Rheas and the charming Llamas, and don’t miss the chance to meet the endearing Alpacas and the adorable Wallabies. And last but not least, say hello to the wise Tortoises, who have stood the test of time.

The farm takes pride in its fully accessible pathways, making it inclusive and welcoming for those with mobility challenges and families with pushchairs. The attentive staff are always ready to assist those with special needs, ensuring everyone has an unforgettable experience.

One of the highlights of this award-winning farm is its regional award-winning environmental project. Not only is it an enjoyable day out for families, but it’s also an educational opportunity for schools and colleges, promoting learning through fun for all ages. There are even places to relax and recharge along the way.

With an entry fee that covers unlimited rides, the amusement is endless! Experience the thrill of the Doggy Dog Roller Coaster, a favourite amongst visitors of all ages. For an exhilarating adventure, try out the brand new Crazy Barn ride, guaranteed to put you in a spin. And don’t miss the Farm Themed Tractor and Train Rides, where young and old can enjoy a ride through a picturesque farm landscape.

Let your little ones release their inner builders in the JCB Construction Zone, an inviting sandy playground perfect for imaginative play. For the sunny days, three outdoor play parks beckon, offering a range of delights like the beloved carousel, the exhilarating Doggy Dog rollercoaster, the thrill of the Crazy Barn ride, and the charming Tractor & Pony rides that provide the perfect family bonding experience.

For those who prefer heights to depths, the Gigantic Snake Slide promises endless laughter. And who can resist a trek on the Happy Horses Adventure Ride, a delightful mechanical pony ride?

For younger visitors, the Traditional Merry-Go-Round provides a classic and enchanting experience suitable for ages 4 and above, while supervised toddlers can join in the fun with standing adults. Any excuse for the adults to get involved in the fun and ride a magical pink unicorn!

And let’s not forget the Outdoor Climbing Fun! Adventure awaits as children explore the various climbing areas scattered around the farm testing their concentration skills an coordination to the max.

When it’s time for the adults to recharge, the Soft Play Areas offer a fantastic way for kids to let off some steam indoors, regardless of the weather while you take a well deserved break. And for those seeking outdoor excitement, the Adventure Playground awaits, brimming with vibrant play areas for exploration, climbing, and thrilling slides. And if you don’t know where to start, there are stickers to collect on the way and one of the stickers is the train ride, so jump aboard, get your sticker and look around for the next area to explore.

We loved the realistic touches like milking the cow, with real water coming out of the udders. The children were queueing up to have a go and not an iPad or tablet in sight, just pure old fashioned learning.

There are also themed mini play areas around such as this tractor…

and a pig, probably better for the little ones but still fun for a pre-schooler.

Once past the mini distractions, it is time to engage again with the wildlife, they seem friendly and although behind fencing are very happy to come up and greet you, especially this adorable Wallaby.

There is also a mini maze with 10 check points, the short walls means you can hide by. number, shout your location and your grown up can find you – that is if you don’t run off and find another number before they get there!

There are different attractions throughout the year, at the time of visiting they had a pop up circus.

Complete with aerial acrobatics.

The children were allowed to sit in front and get close to the action.

The circus is not always there, but they have loads of lovely themed events throughout the different seasons. Make sure to stay updated on the latest events and workshops via Old MacDonald’s Farm social media pages @omd_farm and their website From special animal petting sessions to engaging activities during school holidays, there’s always something new and exciting happening on the farm!

Old MacDonald’s Farm & Fun Park is more than just a tourist attraction; it’s a place where learning, laughter, and unforgettable memories come together. So, pack your bags, bring your little adventurers, and let the fun-filled journey begin!

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Old MacDonald’s Farm
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