As the air turns brisk and a gentle chill fills the air, it’s time to bid farewell to the scorching days of summer and embrace the cosy charm of autumn. For those with a taste for the finer things in life, there’s no better way to usher in this enchanting season than with a selection of exquisite ciders that marry tradition with innovation.

In this opulent journey through the orchards, we invite you to join us as we explore the autumnal symphony of Starvecrow Pét Nat Cyder, the bold allure of Sassy La Sulfureuse Cider, the sparkling grace of Gospel Green Sparkling Cyder Rosé 2017, and the whisky-infused indulgence of DukesHill Whisky Cask Cider.

Welcome to the world of luxury cider, where every sip tells a story of craftsmanship, sophistication, and the embrace of autumn’s golden touch.

DukesHill Whisky Cask Cider

DukesHill is a Royal Warrant holder, artisan food producer and fine food and drink supplier who have partnered with award-winning Scottish cider artist Peter Stuart to produce the delicious Whisky Cask Cider. The cider matures for six months in single malt Scotch whisky casks, resulting in a unique and exquisite flavour profile.

Upon drinking, this captivating cider reveals notes of vanilla, oak, and honey whilst the palate enjoys a harmonious blend of sweetness and warmth. The Whisky Cask notes are evident but allow the cider’s apple essence to shine through, making it ideal for autumn sipping.

Available in cases of six 330ml bottles for £16, DukesHill’s Whisky Cask Cider is a true autumn delight. For those seeking opulence, the Whisky Cask Savoury Hamper, priced at £64.00, is a splendid option. Presented in a charming 14″” wicker basket with leather straps, it includes the Whisky Cask Cider alongside gourmet treats.

DukesHill’s Whisky Cask Cider epitomizes autumn luxury. Its subtle complexity, warming notes, and meticulous craftsmanship make it the perfect companion for cosy evenings and lavish gatherings.

DukesHill Whisky Cask Cider is £16 for six 330ml bottles from

Starvecrow Pét Nat Cyder

Over in East Sussex, Starvecrow has produced a gem that beckons to the heart of connoisseurs: the Pét Nat Cyder, a testament to the art of wild fermentation and pure craftsmanship.

Starvecrow, known for their commitment to excellence, has created this dry cider from an array of estate-grown apples. The result is a libation that dances on the palate with crisp, fruity acidity, showcasing the essence of East Sussex’s orchards. What sets the Pét Nat Cyder apart is its natural and untamed character. Crafted without the addition of sulphites, it’s a testament to the wild fermentation process that allows the cider to develop its unique personality. The result is a naturally sparkling elixir with an elegant effervescence that tingles on the tongue.

Upon the first sip, you are greeted by a delightful burst of flavour that embodies the orchard’s bounty. The crispness of the apples harmonizes beautifully with the fruity acidity, creating a symphony of taste that dances across the palate. But what truly sets this cyder apart is its wild, funky tang – a distinctive note that speaks of its untamed origins. Starvecrow Pét Nat Cyder is a reminder that sometimes, the best things in life are unrefined, untamed, and utterly authentic.

Starvecrow Pét Nat Cyder is £10.95 for 75cl from

Gospel Green Sparkling Cyder Rosé 2017

Gospel Green, renowned cidermakers in Hampshire, have a gem from their collection of vintage ciders – the Sparkling Cyder Rosé 2017, a cider that defines elegance and sophistication.

Gospel Green’s dedication to craftsmanship shines in this rosé cider from 2017. Crafted from a blend of cooking and dessert apples, what sets it apart is the inclusion of a small amount of pinot noir wine, which imparts a delicate pink hue. This marriage of apples and pinot noir creates a cider that is both unique and refined. The effervescence of Sparkling Cyder Rosé 2017 is achieved through the same method used in crafting champagne: bottle fermentation followed by long aging. This meticulous process allows the cider to absorb a symphony of rich, toasty flavours, elevating it to a level of complexity that delights the palate.

Upon pouring, it reveals a charming blush, hinting at the sensory pleasures to come. The aroma is a delicate blend of orchard fruits and subtle red berries, tantalizing the senses. On the palate, it offers a harmonious fusion of baked apple and cherry sweetness with notes of strawberry and raspberry resulting in a balanced libation that is neither too heavy nor too light. The long aging process imparts a depth of character rarely found in ciders with a pleasant toasty nutty finish. It’s a sip of autumn’s finest, resonating with the changing season.

Gospel Green Sparkling Cyder Rosé 2017 is available to connoisseurs seeking a refined cider experience. Each bottle is a testament to the art of cidermaking, capturing the essence of elegance and celebration. Its unique blend of apples and pinot noir, combined with the traditional champagne method, creates a cider that is a true delight for the senses.

Gospel Green Sparkling Cyder Rosé 2017 is £8.95 for 75cl from

Sassy La Sulfureuse Cider

Hailing from the heart of Normandy, Château de Sassy presents La Sulfureuse, a cider that encapsulates the epitome of refinement and indulgence.

Château de Sassy has aptly named this creation a “Cidre Rosé,” and its distinguishing rosy hue owes its existence to the use of apples with pink flesh. This choice sets La Sulfureuse apart, making it a cider that beckons to the discerning palate with a promise of elegance. In contrast to their flagship cider, L’inimitable, La Sulfureuse possesses a notable sweetness that caresses the senses. It’s a departure from the ordinary, a journey into the realms of nuanced flavour.

Upon the first sip, La Sulfureuse reveals a delicate blend of aromas that captivates the senses. Crisp apple notes form the backbone of this exquisite cider, while soft hints of peach and honeydew melon play a harmonious symphony, sneaking out from behind the scenes. It’s an orchestra of flavour that dances on the palate, celebrating the fruits of Normandy’s orchards. La Sulfureuse is a testament to the art of cidermaking – a craft that Château de Sassy has mastered with grace.

La Sulfureuse Cider is a journey into the heart of Normandy’s orchards. Its rosy hue, sweetness, and nuanced tasting notes make it a delightful discovery for those who appreciate the finer things in life. This cider is an invitation to indulge in the elegance of autumn, a season that speaks of transformation and beauty.

Sassy La Sulfureuse Cider is £7.67 for 75cl from

As the first days of autumn cast their enchanting spell and the air turns crisp, let these four outstanding ciders be your companion to a season of elegance and indulgence. Cheers!