Let your kids step boldly into the thrilling world of outer space with our curated selection that is sure to ignite the imagination of young minds about the planets and pave the way for cosmic adventures in the playroom! Our celestial journey through the world of space-inspired children’s toys, puzzles, clothing, and more has been meticulously crafted for discerning parents who value quality and creativity. From the timeless appeal of Melissa & Doug’s educational toys to the boundless crafting possibilities offered by toucanBox and Build Your Own, and the cosmic narratives brought to life by Quarto’s children’s books, we’ve scoured the children’s universe to bring you some stellar space-themed stuff. So, if you’re a parent with an eye for quality and a taste for the extraordinary, prepare to be dazzled by this out-of-this-world collection.

Rachel Riley

If you are looking to immerse your little one in their love of stars and planets at bedtime, Rachel Riley’s luxurious Space Classic Pyjamas are the perfect night-time attire for your little astronaut! Rachel Riley is a renowned childrenswear designer known for her timeless designs and impeccable craftsmanship, making the brand a favourite choice among discerning parents and even royalty including Catherine, Princess of Wales, who is known to be a fan of the luxury childrenswear brand.

These boys pyjamas will make a delightful addition to any little stargazer’s wardrobe. They feature a navy background adorned with a stylish space-themed print, designed to ignite your child’s imagination. Crafted from silky-soft fabric, these pyjamas ensure utmost comfort and cosiness throughout the night.

These classic pyjamas are designed with attention to detail, boasting a traditional collar, long sleeves, and full-length legs, keeping your little one warm during those chilly nights. The chest pocket with contrast ivory trimming adds a touch of elegance and charm. The front button closure makes it easy for your child to put on and take off their pyjamas, promoting independence.

Rachel Riley’s luxury Space Pyjamas are the ideal choice for playful nights filled with dreams of interstellar adventures. Make bedtime an enchanting experience for your child as they drift off to sleep in style and comfort, wrapped in the magic of the cosmos with these charming pyjamas.

£79 from www.rachelriley.co.uk


Create a colourful out-of-this-world display or hanging mobile with this stellar Solar System 3D puzzle set. With this set of 8 different 3D puzzles you can build and create the Solar System in miniature.

The 3D puzzles are scaled to represent the different sizes of the planets, so Saturn and Jupiter are represented as 108-piece puzzles, Uranus and Neptune as 72-piece puzzles, Earth and Venus as 54-piece puzzles and Mars and Mercury as 27-piece puzzles, totalling 522 pieces in all. Each puzzle has curved, high quality plastic pieces, which are numbered on the inside for easy assembly.

Each “planet” comes with its own stand and the whole set can either sit on the colourful Solar System poster (which includes facts about each of the planets), or be suspended by thread. The set also includes a kit which assembles into a “sun” mobile, and a fact-filled information leaflet for all budding astronomers to improve their knowledge of the Solar System. Suitable for 6 years and up.

£44.99 from ravensburger.co.uk


The My Very Own Solar System from Brainstorm Toys is a brilliant addition to any Space fan’s bedroom. As well as teaching children about the wonders of the universe, it also acts as a cool night light too.

The Solar system attaches easily to the ceiling and children can use the remote control to watch the eight detailed colour planets orbit the sun. At night time, the sun illuminates with a soft glow and by day, children can learn fun facts about the planets.

£27.99 from smythstoys.com

Build Your Own

Kids will love exploring the fantastic world around us day and night with the Build Your Own Telescope. Made from sustainable cardboard with minimal plastics, this fully functioning telescope includes a focus tube which extends up to 72cm. For impressive results, the telescope comes with a specialist glass optic lens which provides 16 x magnification so kids can enjoy incredible sights in detail.

With 29 press-out parts, the telescope can be easily constructed with kids using slot-together techniques to create a fun, tactile and robust toy – there’s no glue, no mess, no fuss. It’s a fun way to spend time together, getting outside during the day to explore garden wildlife and develop their interest in nature, birds and plants. Once darkness falls, the fantastic extending focus lens and 16x magnification will enable kids to explore the craters on the moon. Discovering the magical constellations is a fabulous way to expand the world around you and share a passion for science, astronomy and the world.

£22.99 from www.buildyourownkits.com

Melissa & Doug

This three-foot by two-foot Glow In The Dark Solar System Puzzle consists of 48 sturdy jumbo cardboard jigsaw pieces which kids can piece together for an experience that’s out of this world! After the detailed and colourful space scene puzzle is assembled in a brightly lit room, kids can turn out the lights and watch as hidden pictures and details appear in glow-in-the-dark ink!

£19.99 from Amazon


Explore the wonders of space with the Amagenius Solar System Puzzle. This specially designed puzzle, complete with 50 large, sturdy pieces, invites children aged 3 and up to discover the cosmos. Using the unique Amagenius learning app, chidlren can bring their completed puzzle to life using Augmented Reality to witness planets appear in 3D on a phone or tablet. As a parent or caregiver, you can use this puzzle to engage your kid’s curious mind with a fun and educational journey through space, which will help enhance their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and cognitive development. The Amagenius Solar System Puzzle is a beautifully crafted gift for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions. It offers timeless entertainment and educational value, making it a stellar addition to any child’s playroom.

£19.99 from Amazon


As we continue on our exciting journey exploring the best space-themed toys for young children, one stellar addition that’s sure to ignite their imagination is the Janod Cosmos Magneti’book. This portable wonder guarantees a thrilling trip into space, allowing little ones to craft their very own spaceship using a captivating array of magnetic shapes.

The Janod Cosmos Magneti’book cleverly disguises itself as a book, but once opened, it unveils a world of creativity on a smart magnetic board. Young astronauts-in-training can take charge, carefully positioning their magnetic pieces to craft their own cosmic masterpieces. This hands-on, educational toy engages both the young and the young at heart.

Perfectly designed for those long car journeys and on-the-go adventures, the Magneti’book’s travel-friendly size makes it the ideal companion. Let your child’s imagination soar as they explore the cosmos from the comfort of their seat, thanks to this captivating space-themed masterpiece by Janod. Strap in for a journey of fun and discovery, courtesy of the Janod Cosmos Magneti’book – where the sky is not the limit, it’s just the beginning!

£18 from www.kidly.co.uk


Bring the moon into your bedroom with My Very Own Moon from Brainstorm Toys. The amazingly authentic model features details of the moon and is designed to hang easily on your wall. The realistic moonscape doubles as a comforting nightlight as it shines moon just like the actual moon.

Using the remote control, children can also scroll through twelve illuminated lunar phases or use the manual function which allows you to set your own moon to look just like the moon outside from a new moon all the way to a full moon.

£17.99 from smythstoys.com


Embark on a cosmic adventure with The Story Orchestra: The Planets, beautifully illustrated by talented artist Jessica Courtney Tickle. This latest addition to the best-selling Story Orchestra series, which has sold over 700,000 copies, explores Gustav Holst’s timeless composition. Studies have shown that music profoundly influences our brains, enhancing auditory fitness and learning, making this the perfect book for curious young minds.

Kids can follow Helen and Tim’s journey through our solar system, from Mars’s chilly terrain to the mesmerizing asteroid belt. With ten ten-second excerpts from a real orchestra, children aged 5 to 8 can immerse themselves in some of the music in Holst’s masterpiece. Each beautifully illustrated scene springs to life as the vivid sounds of Holst’s score play at the push of a button. Young readers can explore Gustav Holst’s biography, discover musical insights, and enjoy a glossary of musical terms. The Story Orchestra: The Planets offers an educational blend of art, music, and learning, providing an enchanting reading experience.

£16.99 published by Quarto

Crocodile Creek

This beautifully made Solar System jigsaw puzzle from Crocodile Creek features 8 planets and our Sun. This challenging 200 piece NASA puzzle shows our shimmering solar system in all its glory and is perfect for children aged 6 years plus. The puzzle even comes with a fact filled poster so you can learn all about the featured planets making it the ideal educational gift for kids who love to learn whilst they play.

£16.50 from Hippychick


Get ready for an outer space audio adventure, with the National Geographic Astronaut Tonie! Suitable for children aged 5 years and upwards, the educational Tonie is packed with fascinating facts, taking kids on an exciting intergalactic exploration of our solar system, galaxies, stars and black holes, while looking at interesting space mysteries and the possibility of alien life forms!

£14.99 from www.tonies.com


The Space Explorer Planet Poster from toucanBox is an out-of-this-world experience for budding young astronomers! This craft kit comes with everything your little explorer needs to create vibrant, filter paper planets using chromatography. The step-by-step instructions make crafting a breeze, and with an abundance of stickers, kids can let their creativity shine. Assembling the planets on the poster is both educational and entertaining, offering a hands-on lesson in our solar system. Plus, the addition of a colouring book adds extra fun to this cosmic adventure. Ideal for ages 5 to 8 years, this kit is a fantastic way to inspire a love for space and science while having fun!

£9.95 from shop.toucanbox.com