Smith & Wollensky has been serving up the finest USDA Prime dry aged steaks in America since it first opened its doors in New York in 1977. After winning the heart of the Big Apple, those award winning steaks were soon to be found all across the States, from the windy city of Chicago to the hot sands of Miami Beach.

Smith & Wollensky launched its London site in June 2015 in the historic Grade II listed Adelphi Building just off the Strand, offering a selection of signature USDA Prime dry aged steaks and premium seafood, alongside award winning wines and classic cocktails.

If steak were a religion, Smith & Wollensky would be its cathedral. At the heart of every one of their steakhouses across the US and the rest of the world is the dry ageing process and London is no exception with both a dry ageing room and a butchery onsite for true field-to-fork traceability. Selected from the top 2% of beef in the US and hand picked for its rich, even marbling, the USDA Prime is dry aged for no less than 28 days to intensify flavour and increase tenderness for the very best steaks in London.

We had the pleasure of dining at Smith and Wollensky and indulging in their exquisite menu offerings. Service was absolutely outstanding from hearing about Grandmother’s recipe for Chimichurri to personal recommendations from the menu (which never failed) we were thoroughly impressed with both knowledge and enthusiasm. It really did make the whole meal an experience. Our neighbouring diners were also clearly enamoured with the genuine interaction from our fabulous host.

The seafood tower was an absolute spectacle, capturing my attention as soon as it arrived at the table. The platter showcased an impressive selection of shellfish, including succulent lobster, flavourful crab, and briny oysters and clams. Each bite was a taste of the coast, perfectly visually complemented by the refreshing crushed ice. This dish truly made me feel like I was savouring the ocean’s bounty, and it added an air of elegance to the overall dining experience. Just look at the freshness of the sea creatures.

The tower itself is a centrepiece to behold. There are platters of varying sizes all include the likes of lobster, crab, oysters and clams served over crushed ice.

Steaks are an absolute must to try but another standout dish was the lamb rump with pistachio crust, accompanied by sweet potato and chimichurri. The combination of tender lamb, crispy pistachio crust, and vibrant chimichurri created a harmonious symphony of flavours. The sweet potato added a delightful sweetness to the dish, balancing the savoury notes perfectly. The presentation was impeccable, and with each bite, I could feel a sense of culinary artistry that left me thoroughly impressed.

Those wanting a lighter bite we highly recommend the South Carolina BBQ pork ribs which are a true treat for the taste buds. The meat was tender and fell off the bone effortlessly. The smoky, tangy barbecue sauce added a rich depth of flavour that made it impossible to resist. Every bite of these ribs transported me to the heart of South Carolina, evoking a sense of comfort and satisfaction. It was a finger-licking experience that left me wanting more.

Sides are by no means sidelines either – the buttermilk onion rings, Cajun fries and truffled mac ‘n’ cheese to share are the stuff of legend.

For those seeking a touch of indulgence, the truffled mac ‘n’ cheese is definitely one to order to share. The creamy, velvety cheese sauce was infused with the earthy aroma of truffles, creating a luxurious and comforting dish. The perfectly cooked macaroni provided a delightful texture, and each forkful was a heavenly experience. This dish left me feeling warm, content, and utterly satisfied.

Desserts, meanwhile, will encourage even those with the strictest willpower to ditch the diet, including classics such as the New York style cheesecake.

To cap off the extraordinary meal, I couldn’t resist ordering the famous gigantic chocolate cake. This dessert was an impressive creation, enough to satisfy a group of four. The decadent layers of rich chocolate goodness were a chocolate lover’s dream come true. Every bite was pure bliss, and the shared experience of enjoying this colossal dessert with friends or loved ones added an element of joy and celebration to the evening.

Set against a handsome backdrop of dark mahogany woods, buttery green leathers and vibrant pops of red, the restaurant itself has been designed by interiors superstar Martin Brudnizki.

Spread across two floors, discerning drinkers can choose between two destination bars – including the ever-popular Adelphi bar, adorned with Art Deco tiling and glossy marble surfaces. Try one of 30 classic cocktails with a contemporary twist – from Martinis to Manhattans – or a glass of something special from the wide range of award-winning wines from both the old and new worlds with many available by the glass.

From the glamorous reception through to the 1920s inspired artworks on the walls, Smith & Wollensky evokes the elegance and timeless appeal of the restaurant’s rich heritage across the pond while capturing the essence of the capital’s current dining scene.

Smith & Wollensky occupies two floors with two full service bars and three private dining rooms (one with its own dedicated bar). Far more than just a restaurant, this versatile space can be hired exclusively to host a variety of events from stylish dinner soirées to full blown parties with DJs or even a live band.

All rooms have dedicated fibre optic broadband making them perfect for live streaming or video conferencing, as well as state of the art music systems allowing your own choice of music. Both the Liberty room and the Theodore Roosevelt room are equipped with 55” plasma screen TVs.

Having firmly made its mark on the London dining scene, Smith & Wollensky has attracted the great and the good of the City, from Tom Jones, who can often be seen enjoying his Cajun rib-rye before a short walk to his suite at The Savoy, to sportsmen Ben Cohen, Zinzan Brooke and Anthony Joshua who claimed his meal was the best steak he’d ever eaten!

I couldn’t agree more. Overall, my dining experience at Smith and Wollensky was nothing short of exceptional. The carefully crafted dishes and the attention to detail in presentation made each meal a memorable event. The flavours and textures of the food evoked a range of emotions, from delight and comfort to awe and indulgence. Smith and Wollensky truly knows how to create an unforgettable dining experience, and I can’t wait to return to explore more of their culinary delights.

Serving what is said to be the best steak in London in addition to exquisite food and drink, Smith & Wollensky offers Londoners the authentic taste of “America’s Classic Steakhouse” within timeless elegant surroundings in the Capital’s most vibrant district.

Smith & Wollensky
Adelphi Building, 1-11 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6HT
020 7321 6007