A Sweet Summer Treat: Ole & Steen’s Generous Cinnamon Social Giveaway

This June, Ole & Steen, the esteemed Danish bakery renowned for its authentic Scandinavian treats, is celebrating Midsommar with a remarkable giveaway that promises to be the UK’s biggest free Danish pastry event to date. In a gesture that epitomises the spirit of hygge – an untranslatable Danish concept embracing cosiness and contentment – Ole & Steen is gifting a staggering 250,000 slices of their beloved Cinnamon Social to pastry lovers across the country.

A Midsommar Celebration

Midsommar, a cherished Scandinavian tradition, marks the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, with joyous festivities on June 23 and 24. This enchanting celebration involves dancing around the Midsummer maypole, donning flower wreaths, playing games, and gathering around bonfires. It’s a time for community, merriment, and of course, delightful food.

In the true spirit of Midsommar, Ole & Steen is inviting the UK to partake in this vibrant festivity by sharing their signature Cinnamon Social. This layered pastry, with its soft, flavourful fillings and perfect icing drizzle, is the epitome of Danish baking excellence. For those seeking a plant-based option, a vegan version is available, ensuring everyone can enjoy a slice of this Scandinavian delight.

A Taste of Hygge

Ole & Steen’s Cinnamon Social, also known as kanalstang in Danish, is not just a pastry; it’s a social experience. Whether shared as a 12 or 6 slice bake among friends or savoured individually by the slice, this pastry is designed to bring people together, embodying the very essence of hygge. Normally priced at £4.25 per slice, the giveaway offers a delightful free treat to both new and loyal customers.

To participate, new customers need only to download the Ole & Steen app and register, upon which they will receive 450 points – sufficient for a free slice of Cinnamon Social. Existing app users aren’t forgotten; they too will receive a complimentary 450 points as a token of appreciation for their continued loyalty.

A Legacy of Authenticity

Since its inception, Ole & Steen has been committed to delivering high-quality, authentic Danish baked goods. The bakery’s founders, Ole Kristoffersen and Steen Skallebaek, have cultivated a legacy of excellence, merging their distinct baking traditions to create a better bakery for all. From the rustic Rugbrød to the delightful Rundstykker, their offerings are a testament to their dedication to quality and authenticity.

With bakeries spanning Copenhagen, London, and New York, Ole & Steen has firmly established itself as a purveyor of fine Scandinavian pastries. Their London presence, in particular, has blossomed since 2016, with 26 locations across the city, each exuding a true Scandinavian feel.

A Summer of Indulgence

As summer unfolds, Ole & Steen continues to innovate and delight with new menu additions. Their recent launch features exquisite toasties, traditional open rye sandwiches, premium drinks, and breakfast buns, perfect for enjoying indoors or al fresco. And for those with a penchant for sweets, the upcoming Midsommar cake range promises floral and fruity twists on summer classics, catering to every pastry lover’s cravings.

For a taste of true Scandinavian indulgence and to experience the warmth of hygge, visit any of Ole & Steen’s London locations this June. Embrace the Midsommar spirit with a complimentary slice of Cinnamon Social and celebrate the longest days of summer in the most delicious way possible.

London Locations

Ole & Steen’s London stores can be found at Belgravia, Canary Wharf, Chiswick, Eccleston Place, Greenwich, Hampstead, Haymarket, High Street Kensington, Jubilee Place, Kingston, Leicester Square, London Wall, Northcote Road, Notting Hill Gate, Old Brompton Road, Oxford Circus, Oxford Westgate, Richmond, Seven Dials, St James, Strand, Tottenham Court Road, Victoria Nova, Westfield (Shepherd’s Bush) and Wigmore Street.

Join Ole & Steen this June and savour the taste of Denmark with every bite of their iconic Cinnamon Social.