Here are some of Minipreneur’s favourite children’s books from Andersen Press this season. Andersen Press, founded in 1976, publishes some of the most well known and best loved names in the world of children’s books. Their collection of modern classics offer timeless tales that nurture children’s imagination to cultivate a lifelong love for reading.

Adoette by Lydia Monks

This captivating picture book by Lydia Monks unveils the inspiring life journey of a remarkable tree spanning a century. From a young sapling to a towering oak, Adoette became the heart of her community, witnessing the world around her until the day she was felled. Adoette’s legacy continues when a young girl plants one of her acorns in a shared garden, symbolizing resilience and the enduring cycle of life. Lydia Monks, celebrated for her work in Julia Donaldson’s books, crafts a poignant narrative exploring conservation, community, and hope.

This touching tale, drawing from Monks’ own fight to preserve trees in Sheffield, emphasizes the significance of preserving nature and unity within communities. It’s a powerful, heartwarming story that beautifully captures the essence of conservation, leaving readers inspired to cherish and protect the natural world.

£7.99 (paperback) published by Andersen Press

Bella the Storyteller by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

This delightful creation by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros is a tale that explores the art of storytelling in the most whimsical and imaginative way possible. Overflowing with pirates, dinosaurs, unicorns, and even aliens, Bella’s adventure teaches a valuable lesson about what makes a truly captivating story. Chris Naylor-Ballesteros, shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal, introduces Bella as usually the background to the action dominated by Squirrel and Rabbit. However, today Bella takes the stage as the storyteller, turning the ordinary into an extraordinary tale brimming with surprises.

Vibrant and bustling scenes bursting with dragons, pirates, and sea monsters come to life in this wonderfully chaotic yet captivating narrative. Bella the Storyteller offers a fresh perspective on storytelling, reminding us that a great story is not just about its setting but the creativity and imagination woven within. A must-read for budding young storytellers and imaginative minds everywhere.

£12.99 (hardback) published by Andersen Press

The Box Full of Wonders by Karl Newson & Emily Hamilton

Written by Karl Newson and illustrated by Emily Hamilton, this uplifting picture book is a heartfelt exploration of the power of imagination amidst the merging of two families. When a little boy feels overwhelmed by the blending of households, he discovers solace in a simple cardboard box, transforming it into endless possibilities—a pirate ship, a castle, or a rocket. Karl Newson’s poetic prose beautifully encapsulates the boy’s imaginative journey, while Emily Hamilton’s illustrations artfully capture the joy and wonder of childhood play. As the boy navigates this new chapter, the box becomes a space for him and his new siblings to bond, sharing and creating fantastical worlds together.

This touching story celebrates the resilience of children and the limitless potential of imagination, offering a gentle reminder of the power of creativity in finding common ground and fostering new connections in blended families.

£12.99 (hardback) published by Andersen Press

The Christmas Owl by Gideon Sterer, Ellen Kalish & Ramona Kaulitzki

Written by Gideon Sterer & Ellen Kalish and illustrated by Ramona Kaulitzki, this heartwarming picture book was inspired by the true story of a tiny owl found inside the Rockefeller Christmas tree in 2020. When Little Owl’s home is unexpectedly cut down for a Christmas tree, she’s uncertain about this holiday season. The tale unfolds as Little Owl’s tree is transported to the Big City, far from her natural habitat. Through this unexpected journey, she discovers the true meaning of Christmas. Co-written by Ellen Kalish, the caretaker of the real owl, the story is a charming exploration of friendship, compassion, and the genuine spirit of the festive season brought to life by Ramona Kaulitzki’s delightful illustrations.

This joyful picture book captures the essence of Christmas and the unexpected connections that bring warmth and meaning to the holiday. The Christmas Owl is a delightful addition to festive reading, offering a touching story inspired by a real-life Christmas miracle.

£7.99 (paperback) published by Andersen Press

Ghost Orchid by Fiona Lumbers

Written by Fiona Lumbers, this new picture book takes young readers on an enchanting journey across the globe with the protagonist Ava and her botanist parents. As they search for the elusive ghost orchid, Ava discovers the magic that surrounds her in each moment, from a moose in the woods to a starry desert sky and a majestic blue whale. However, her parents are fixated on reaching the ghost orchid before its bloom fades, missing the wonders of the journey.

Fiona Lumbers, known for her illustrations in the beloved Luna Loves series written by Children’s Laureate Joseph Coelho, weaves a tale that encourages mindfulness and appreciation for the beauty in everyday adventures. Ghost Orchid is a poignant reminder for children to embrace the present, savouring the remarkable moments encountered along life’s expedition. With captivating illustrations, this book is a delightful exploration of curiosity and living in the moment, perfect for young readers eager for adventure and discovery.

£7.99 (paperback) published by Andersen Press

Luna Loves Christmas by Joseph Coelho & Fiona Lumbers

A child’s enthusiasm for Christmas shines through in Joseph Coelho’s heartwarming tale, brilliantly illustrated by Fiona Lumbers. Luna experiences a different holiday tradition this year as her family volunteers together, celebrating the spirit of giving back. This beautiful story captures the essence of a separated family’s Christmas, resonating with many children’s experiences. Coelho skillfully portrays Luna’s anticipation, showcasing the power of community and togetherness. The book’s unique design includes a delightful die-cut book-in-a-book insert containing a festive tale that Luna reads with Mrs Pothers, a local resident and recipient of a community Christmas box, emphasizing the importance of sharing stories and kindness during the festive season.

With its touching narrative and vibrant illustrations, Luna Loves Christmas celebrates the joy of giving and brings warmth to the holiday season. Parents and children alike will cherish this heartfelt story, emphasizing the contribution found in coming together and making a difference.

£12.99 (hardback) published by Andersen Press

Soft and Sticky by Jeanne Willis & Claire Powell

Written by award-winning children’s author Jeanne Willis, Soft and Sticky is a heartwarming tale of friendship and embracing differences. This quirky story follows the peculiar relationship between Soft and Sticky, two opposites whose unique traits often spark disagreements. Their peculiar quirks challenge their friendship until they decide to part ways. However, they soon realize that life apart isn’t as fulfilling, and they miss each other dearly. Willis crafts a charming and laugh-out-loud narrative, teaching the invaluable lesson of cherishing and accepting each other’s differences. Through humorous scenarios, children learn the importance of valuing friendships despite disagreements. Claire Powell’s delightful illustrations beautifully capture the essence of the story, adding to the book’s warmth and appeal.

Soft and Sticky is an endearing exploration of friendship, emphasizing the significance of acceptance and understanding, making it an essential addition to any young reader’s bookshelves.

£12.99 (hardback) published by Andersen Press

The Zoo Inside Me by Ruth Doyle & Yessica Baeten

Written by Ruth Doyle, The Zoo Inside Me is a touching exploration of emotions and navigating behavioural challenges, beautifully illustrated by Yessica Baeten. In this heartwarming picture book, a young boy grapples with an array of emotions, feeling like a mischievous monkey, a curious llama, and a hidden chameleon within. These feelings overwhelm him, making him feel as though there’s not enough space for them all. Doyle’s poignant narrative, inspired by real experiences, delves into the complex world of emotions, especially for neurodiverse children. It’s a tender tale emphasizing the importance of understanding and embracing individual differences. The captivating illustrations by Baeten vividly bring forth the boy’s inner zoo, making emotions tangible for young readers.

This charming story conveys the message that friendship and acceptance are powerful tools in managing emotions. It’s a must-read that encourages empathy and understanding for everyone’s unique inner world. The Zoo Inside Me is a valuable addition to children’s literature, fostering empathy and acceptance of diverse emotions.

£7.99 (paperback) published by Andersen Press