Nestled in the heart of Soho, Bantof beckons as a unique and vibrant culinary oasis, celebrating the eccentricity of Soho while offering exquisite food that pays homage to creative talents.

Soho’s modern European restaurant with a difference, Bantof, puts creativity and collaboration at the heart of its vision to create a playful destination for art, history, and dining sophistication. Bantof offers guests an intimate dining experience encompassing the inclusivity and timeless fun of its local history, with a passion for originality and a love of good food and drink.

The beautiful and intimate restaurant is situated in the very heart of Soho’s bustling lanes. A vibrant Central London district, timelessly associated with fun, flirtation, and creativity; Soho is undoubtedly the buzzing hub of culture in the Capital, and Bantof provides a haven of hospitality to enjoy creative culinary and cocktail experiences.

Each aspect of Bantof’s design, interior and experience has been carefully curated by its Director, Endri Hoxha, and is geared towards creating a warm and intimate environment for its guests. The interior design centres around crafting a social space that embraces and celebrates the eclectic experience of Soho.

What sets Bantof apart from its neighbouring bars and restaurants is its unique and imaginative Soho Stories cocktail menu, masterminded by the talented SuperNacular team under the stewardship of the well-known Jack Sotti from Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch.

The Soho Stories cocktail series was created with the district’s vibrant and eclectic history in mind. The novel cocktail collection showcases the richly diverse characters and personalities of Soho.

Options include Viper, inspired by rock & roll legend Rare Du Val. This cocktail uses espresso coffee, fig leaf vodka, olive caramel, CBD and lemon for a highball classic with a floral, earthy twist.

Alternatively, Up Market enlists the help of beurre noisette Cognac, banana skin wine, Verjus, and Lillet Blanc to create a stiff, boozy and aromatic serve inspired by the scent and flavours of Berwick Street Market.

In addition to these contemporary cocktails, Bantof has an incredible wine list, and a wide range of premium spirits, soft drinks, mocktails and mixers. In addition, Bantof Bar also offers a selection of irresistible bar snacks including: Kalamata Olives; Almond & Nuts; Padron Peppers; Hummus and Bread; Fried Chicken and a Rainbow Mini Burger (with Chicken, Beef and Vegan options available).

At Bantof’s culinary helm is Michelin-starred chef Asimakis Chaniotis, the creative genius behind the restaurant’s unique menu. There are a host of simple and sumptuous dishes as part of a diverse offering to match the location and clientele. The Mediterranean menu is crafted using seasonal, locally sourced produce, in line with the restaurant’s sustainability mission.

Chef Asimakis takes guests on a gourmet journey presented as a series of signature dishes designed to be enjoyed through sharing plates, perfectly aligning with Bantof’s ethos of relaxation and collaboration.

Setting the scene at weekends, DJs take to the decks to play a range of soft, smooth beats, immersing guests during their fine dining experience adding a new dimension to drinking & dining at Bantof.

Bantof is the perfect place to visit for lunch in the heart of Soho. Here are some highlights from the lunch menu.

Aubergine Delight

The Grilled Aubergine with yogurt and pomegranate seeds was a mesmerizing blend of smoky, creamy, and tangy flavours. The aubergine, perfectly grilled, held a rich, earthy taste that paired beautifully with the coolness of the yogurt and the bursts of sweetness from the pomegranate seeds. This dish is ideal for those seeking a unique and refreshing start to their meal, perfect for a lighter, more vibrant beginning.

Octopus Elegance

The Octopus with fava puree, capers, and herb oil was a stunning display of culinary artistry. The octopus, tender and flavourful, combined exquisitely with the creamy fava puree and the zesty capers. The herb oil added a fresh, aromatic element that elevated the dish to a whole new level. This starter is perfect for those looking for an adventurous and sophisticated appetizer, an impeccable choice for a memorable dining experience.

Steak Beyond Compare

The Ribeye steak with maitake mushrooms and peppercorn sauce redefines the classic steak experience. The ribeye, cooked to perfection, boasted exceptional tenderness and flavour. Paired with the earthy richness of maitake mushrooms and the boldness of the peppercorn sauce, this dish transcended the ordinary steak-and-fries concept. Ideal for those seeking a luxurious and indulgent main course, this steak offers a gourmet twist to the traditional steak dinner.

Asparagus Attitude

The Asparagus adorned with hollandaise and freeze-dried raspberries was a feast for the eyes and the palate. The vibrant green of the asparagus spears was beautifully complemented by the bursts of colour and texture from the freeze-dried raspberries. The texture of the fruit added a delightful contrast to the earthy asparagus and creamy sauce. This side dish not only elevated the overall presentation but also provided a refreshing and unique twist to a classic vegetable accompaniment. Perfect for those seeking a visually stunning and tastefully inventive side dish, it brings an unexpected, delightful element to the meal.

Sweet Endings

For those with a sweet tooth, the Triple Chocolate Mousse and Lemon Meringue Cheesecake are two desserts not to be missed.

For those visiting Bantof for dinner, a highlight on the dinner menu is the Lamb Chops with carrot puree and herb oil were a symphony of succulence and sophistication. The tender, flavourful lamb chops harmonized beautifully with the smooth, slightly sweet carrot puree. The herb oil added a refreshing note that enhanced the overall experience. This dish is perfect for connoisseurs craving a refined and comforting main course, an impeccable choice for a meal that exudes elegance and taste.

Additionally, Bantof surprises and captivates its patrons with its ever-changing art exhibitions, thoughtfully curated in-house by the restaurant’s team. Upcoming exhibitions will showcase emerging talents and celebrated artists, transforming Bantof into an artistic sanctuary with the artworks complementing the intimate and creative ambience of this Soho restaurant and bar. The collections rotate regularly so that every visit to Bantof is different. From a 10-year-old art prodigy to works by highly established experimental artists, guests can’t predict the work that will be on display next at the restaurant.

At Bantof, culinary expertise seamlessly merges with artistry, creating a harmonious blend of gastronomy, cocktails, and art, all in the heart of Soho. Bantof is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 12:30am, Sunday from 10am to 6pm and is closed on Mondays.

31 Great Windmill Street, London W1D 7LW
+44 7548 373 755