With the current climate there is a lot of change for everyone. For me, I also have had a lot of change. I have had to say goodbye to people and places that were once a huge part of my life. I  am not alone, many people change locations, leave jobs, move out of home, head off to University, get divorced, get married and move somewhere new, have children and lose touch with their single friends even more so in a pandemic. The list goes on.

I know it is common to fear change, but many also love change. For example, if you are a child from an abusive household sometimes you long for the day of change. You see it as a way out of the situation you find yourself in. Likewise, those in dead-end jobs love to get their dream job and hand in their notice.

Today’s affirmation is for all of you who both love or fear change. It’s for those who wish to see it as the gift that it is, opening up a new pathway to the next stage of your journey that is life. With change can come a greater insight into your strengths. With change can come an even firmer forging of friendships. With change you can open up to your highest and best options to get everything you deserve in life.

I hope you enjoy your affirmation!


Change can be exhilarating. It lifts me out of a rut. I break out of my comfort zone and try new things. Change also enables progress. I know that I need to be flexible if I want to be successful.

Change makes me more resilient. I discover my strengths and build my confidence. I realise that I am capable of more than I thought.

I advance in my career. If I don’t get the work that I wanted, I have more time to search for my next position/client. I may change fields or take on more responsibility. I may start my own business or go back to school. I understand that everything is open to me. That my world is full of possibilities.

I develop strong and supportive relationships. Marriages, relationships, and friendships sometimes end. I am still capable of loving and being loved. I make new connections based on who I am now instead of who I used to be.

I age gracefully. I adapt my diet and workouts to suit my current condition.  I appreciate gaining wisdom and patience rather than fretting about a few wrinkles.

I pursue my goals. When I complete one project, I plan my next adventure.

I turn fear into excitement. I remember that moving forward is more productive than trying to protect the status quo. I choose words that help me to think positively. I focus on what I can do instead of worrying about events beyond my control.

Today, I embrace transitions as a natural and beneficial part of life. I accept losses and gains. I cope with changes big and small.


Self-Reflection Questions

  1. How can humour help me to deal with change?
  2. Why is it unrealistic to expect stability?
  3. What is one important opportunity that change has created for me?


If you haven’t used affirmations before there is no right way or wrong way to get started. Whether you print them out and read when you like or record them into your phone and listen to them up to 3 times a day, so long as you connect with the affirmation then you are on your way to mastering it. You can also choose an inanimate object that symbolises the concept for you and carry it with you in the day, or add something meaningful to your vision board. You can use this affirmation as part of your meditation. Some people just like to use them as talking points with their friends or inspire them to make wallpapers to share on social media. Whatever feels right, is what was intended for you now you have found your affirmation, so have fun with it.