A long time ago in my late teens, I attended a seminar where I was told that life was fine as it was and fine as it wasn’t. I had an issue with the use of the word fine as I didn’t want my life to be ordinary or just fine, but I took the point that life is just as it should be. I do believe in a higher purpose and plan, I appreciate the view that others have that we get to choose the life lessons we learn before we embark on any journey.  Who am I to say if this is right or wrong, but if it is what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon wondering what lessons I chose to come here to learn. I am sure if it was an option I would put a growth mindset down as a prerequisite for my journey on Earth. What would you have chosen? I hope you enjoy your affirmation this week.


Although I have quite a bit of control over my life, I realise that sometimes things just happen. Unexpected things pop up in a day. Unwanted events occur without warning.

I truly believe that all of these occurrences, positive and otherwise, are meant to be.

In challenging times, I remind myself that I still have quite a bit of say in what takes place in my life. I charge forward and do what I can to overcome the challenge and continue to create the life of my dreams.

I try to look at unexpected events as adventures. I learn something new and change my way of thinking when something unplanned takes place. At those times, I comfort myself with thoughts about how the situation is as it should be.

I remind myself things are fine as they are and they are just as fine as they aren’t. I take my time to refamiliarise myself with patience. I know that just because I cannot see the end result that there is something bigger and better waiting for me so long as I continue to take positive actions towards my goals each and every day.

Today, I intend to renew my efforts to accept whatever happens. “If it happens, then it is meant to be” is my new mantra. I can provide the reassurance I need to accept the curve balls life throws me. I tell myself that I am okay with fate.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Do I believe in fate? Why or why not?
  2. Have I depended on fate too much or do I step up to take power over my own life?
  3. When it is necessary, can I tell myself that something was meant to be and then move on in my life?