When I was younger I was told that I wasn’t creative at all. I was told that my talent was worth no more than a five-pound note. The thing is when there is negativity around you, the only thing you can really do is create positivity within yourself.  Often that positivity comes in the form of daydreaming which in itself enhances the creative side of one’s personality.

It was then that I realised what I created is actually what is part of what is special about myself. It takes the purest part of me, my inner wisdom, my inner child, my inner peace and my inner longing to create for the world not just for myself and it turns it into words on a page, a magazine, an inspirational talk, a silly song that makes baby Sloan smile.  The greatest value anyone can provide the world comes from within. It utilises that inner creativity has the potential to change the world for the better.

Imagine if Richard Branson hadn’t embraced his creativity. Where would we be? Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs they have all impacted the world by thinking outside the box and embracing their creativity no matter what anyone said about them.

Take the time to embrace your creativity. Here is an affirmation to help you do just that.


What is most special about me is that which I create. Creation utilises the part of me that is unique. My uniqueness is what the world needs the most from me. The greatest value I can provide the world is in the form of my creations.

I am a confident person. I bravely share what I have created. It can be challenging at times, but I know that it is my responsibility to be courageous.

The world needs what I have inside of me. I know that my creativity can alter the world in a positive way.

Creativity is a way of putting my imagination to work. My passion is the force that unleashes my creativity and fuels my confidence.

I enjoy breaking out of my established patterns and viewing the world in a new way. I get excited to share what I find. My curiosity is piqued during the times I am most creative.

Today, I am willing to reveal my best to the world. I am unleashing my creativity and sharing the results. I am confidently sharing what I create with the world. I am happy to share my resolutions with my family and friends. I embrace sharing, no matter what the reaction. It is the act of sharing what I create with the world that inspires me to create more. I do not need validation, my guiding force is to share to inspire others.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. When have I had a great idea, but failed to share it with others? Why wasn’t I willing to share it?
  2. What great ideas do I have right now? Who can benefit from them? How can I share these ideas?
  3. In what field would my creativity be most relevant and valued?


If you haven’t used affirmations before there is no right way or wrong way to get started. Whether you print them out and read when you like or record them into your phone and listen to them up to 3 times a day, so long as you connect with the affirmation then you are on your way to mastering it. You can also choose an inanimate object that symbolises the concept for you and carry it with you in the day, or add something meaningful to your vision board. You can use this affirmation as part of your meditation. Some people just like to use them as talking points with their friends or inspire them to make wallpapers to share on social media. Whatever feels right, is what was intended for you now you have found your affirmation, so have fun with it.