A new adrenaline-fuelled activity opened this June that allows visitors to walk 360 degrees around the roof of British Airways i360’s giant viewing pod that is 450ft above Brighton beach.

Walk 360 at BA i360

Walk 360 is Brighton’s newest visitor attraction, offering the public a unique open-air view of an iconic city from a great height.

British Airways i360 Brighton
Photo Credit: Jason Garcia

Participants will board the giant glass viewing pod and glide slowly to 450ft above Brighton beach. Once at full height, an instructor leads the group to the ladder set between the pod and the tower.

British Airways i360 Tower in Brighton
Photo Credit: Jason Garcia

Each person is clipped onto a safety system to climb a short ladder before being secured by their harness to the safety rail system on top of the pod.

British Airways i360 Tower in Brighton
Photo Credit: Jason Garcia

With their adrenaline pumping and heart beating fast, the group will step on the top of the BA i360 pod at 138 metres high for an open-air 360-degree walk around the viewing tower, giving all the chance to see the stunning coastal and city views from a totally new perspective.

British Airways i360 Tower in Brighton
Photo Credit: Jason Garcia

Climb 360 at BA i360

Climb 360 offers visitors a flight in the viewing pod to 138 metres, before stepping into the tower itself and climbing 30-metres up ladders to the very top of the tower.  Guests emerge onto the open-air platform 162 metres high to experience a birds-eye view of Brighton and the South Coast.

This unique experience gives visitors access to the internal workings of the i360 tower.  Up to six guests climb steep vertical ladders within the tower, accompanied by expert BA i360 technicians who will describe how the tower and pod operate.

Photo credit: Kevin Meredith

At the top of the tower, the technicians will open the hatch for guests to climb onto the outdoor platform to spend time admiring the stunning views from 162 metres high and to have several souvenir photos taken.

Ian Hart, Chief Operating Officer at BA i360, says: “We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Extreme 360 activity portfolio at BA i360. Walk 360 is an exhilarating experience and offers the public a chance to see Brighton as they never have before. With the Climb 360 that we launched just last year and the Drop 360 abseil on offer, BA i360 is fast becoming the centre of adrenaline-fuelled activities in Brighton in addition to a unique viewing attraction. I’m confident this extreme activity will appeal to a new audience for our business, those that enjoy adrenaline-fuelled activities which give you the buzz of accomplishment and leave you feeling elated.”

Nyetimber Sky Bar

If extreme activities are not your thing, stay on board the BA i360 viewing pod which offers breathtaking views of Brighton from the comfort of the pod whilst enjoying a glass of award-winning English Sparkling Wine at the Nyetimber Sky Bar which is the South Coast’s highest bar.

In addition to the lovely bubbles from Sussex, there are also cocktails on offer using Brighton Gin – a gin distilled right here in Brighton.

Photo credit: Julia Claxton

There is also a great selection of non-alcoholic fruit juices and drinks by Folkington’s from nearby orchards in Sussex and don’t miss the selection of locally sourced delicious snacks, including crisps from the Sussex Crisp Co and ice cream from Gelato Gusto. 

Photo credit: Julia Claxton

In fact, nearly everything served at the Nyetimber Sky Bar is from Brighton or Sussex suppliers, so you can savour every sip safe in the knowledge that you’re supporting the local community.

Photo credit: Julia Claxton

Brighton’s newest extreme attraction was a little too extreme for our little one.

So we stayed in the comfort of the BA i360 viewing pod to enjoy the unique views of Brighton & the South Coast.

Whilst enjoying a perfectly chilled glass of Nyetimber sparkling wine.


A Walk 360 ticket costs £40 per person and includes two digital photographs.  The whole experience lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

A lot more than your average seaside stroll, Walk 360 is an open-air, heart-in-mouth experience that cannot be undertaken anywhere else on the south coast. Open to anyone aged 12 and over the experience can be booked individually, as a group activity for friends (10% discount for 6+ tickets), or as a team-building adventure.

Tickets and gift vouchers for Climb 360 cost £99 per person. Resident members and annual pass holder tickets cost £89. The price includes a BA i360 pod flight, the internal tower climb accompanied by expert technicians, access to the platform at the top of the tower, plus a selection of digital photographs to download. The i360 Tower Top Climbs take place on various days. Please see the website for available slots.

Visitors need to have a basic fitness level and be up for the challenge. There is a weight limit of 125kg. Attendees must be 12 years or older; those aged 12 to 15 years must be accompanied by an adult on a ratio of: 1:2 ratio.

Walk 360 can be booked at britishairwaysi360.com/tickets/walk-360/

All extreme activities at the i360 can be found at britishairwaysi360.com/extreme-360/

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