By Richard Eaton, Design Director at Denby Pottery.

We’ll have a slightly different approach to interiors in the new year. Our homes will still be places that bring us joy and satisfaction, but we’ll be taking on a more ‘make do and mend’ mindset. Upcycling and DIY are on the agenda for many, while new pieces will enter our homes in the form of small luxuries.

Whether it’s a new addition to your existing tableware set, a new vase, throw pillow, or a fresh set of glassware, small touches like these will transform your home for less. This is largely why we’re seeing lots of neutral colours circulating right now. From fresh creams and beige tones through to stone grey and pale shades of green, these hues are easy to mix and match to create a peaceful and cohesive environment.

Kitchens get a spa makeover

Neutral, organic hues have long been a popular option for kitchens. Going into 2024, we’ll be taking this to the next level, incorporating natural materials to create a more rustic and serene space. Think of this trend as a combination of the clean and cosy ‘vanilla girl aesthetic’ and ‘nature luxe’ trend, both of which were popularised this year. Taking inspiration from the pared-back luxury of spa décor, the kitchen will become a space for relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation.

Neutral colour palettes will form the basis of this trend, with stony grey, cream, and serene cashmere tones being a popular choice for cabinetry. In fact, Google searches for ‘cashmere kitchen cabinets’ are up 60% over the past 12 months. Meanwhile, the expert trend predictors over at Dulux have selected a delicate cashmere tone, Sweet Embrace, as 2024’s Colour of the Year. Combine these neutral tones with deeper, cosy hues like chocolate brown and sage green and incorporate plenty of organic wooden and stone textures to give your kitchen the spa makeover it deserves.

Ceramics are an easy way to inject the spa trend into your home. Choose rustic, neutral tableware which will help you get this look and can be effortlessly mixed with your current collection for timeless appeal.

Japandi makes a comeback

While Japandi first entered the trend sphere back in 2021, this seamless blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design briefly fell from our radar, but it’s back just in time for 2024. Over the last 12 months, Google searches for ‘Japandi’ are up 104%. This look is somewhat similar to the spa kitchen trend we’re currently seeing, with a focus on organic materials and earthy tones like cream, grey, and brown.

Where this look really stands out is its sustainability. Organic, contemporary styles bring nature indoors while second-hand furniture pieces add character and charm to a space.

Maximalism stays strong

There’s something for everyone in 2024 and although we’re seeing plenty of minimalistic styles, maximalism is also here to stay. The antithesis of Scandi and Japandi trends, maximalism is all about breaking the ‘rules’ of interior design, with plenty of colour, contrasting patterns, and decorative elements on display. What makes maximalism such an attractive style is its focus on joy and individuality, letting creativity run free. Google searches for ‘maximalist décor’ were up 100% in the past 12 months as interiors fans continue to add some extra colour and fun to their spaces.

Colour palettes get a mood lift

Joy will be the biggest focus for interiors in 2024 and colours will be a major factor in this. Alongside serene colour palettes, expect to see rich, earthy shades that uplift a space and add cosiness.

Mood-lifting colours like blues, greens, pinks, and reds will feature predominantly in our interiors in the new year. The kitchen in particular will see a colour refresh, as earthy greens take the spotlight. Google searches for ‘dark green kitchen cabinets’ saw a 50% uptick over the course of 2023, while Graham & Brown have named Viridis, a warm and muted green, as their Colour of the Year for 2024.

Old money reigns supreme

2023 was all about quiet luxury. A minimalistic design trend that focused on subtle, timeless décor and neutral tones, ‘quiet luxury’ saw a 400% increase in Google searches over the past 12 months. However, there’s a new version that’s slowly taking over the spotlight: the old money aesthetic. With a 160% increase in searches throughout 2023, interior design enthusiasts are looking for ways to make their spaces more luxurious.

While it might initially sound strange for this style to be trending right now, it’s actually the perfect look. We’re all searching for small ways to inject a bit of luxury into our everyday lives, and the old money style is all about creating a timeless finish using existing pieces. This aesthetic gives the illusion of your décor being passed down through the generations. Old money interiors are intentional and personal, so whether you decorate with the furniture you already have, upcycle old pieces, or thrift second-hand items, this look is the perfect choice for 2024.

Blue and white are a specific focus for the old money trend, but you can choose other ‘historic’ tones that match your existing pieces, such as deep burgundy or forest green.

Here are predictions of the hottest food trends for 2024:

The classics make their return

We’re looking back to the classics in 2024 as we find ways to refresh our old home comforts. Google searches for ‘coq au vin recipe’ in particular have increased by more than 5,000% in the last 12 months, while searches for ‘eton mess’ were up 180%. Dishes that can be thrown together in one cast iron pot will be the main focus. These recipes will be more about authenticity than style, although it’s likely we’ll also see classic recipes get a new spin. Think fusion dishes and vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

Dinnertime gets relaxed

The popularity of one-pot meals is just a small part of a bigger focus on relaxed dining. Easy, healthy meals will be at the forefront next year, which makes the Mediterranean diet a key trend for 2024.

Google searches for ‘Mediterranean diet recipes’ are up 50% over the last 12 months with more and more people searching for flavoursome, relaxed, and simple dishes to suit a health-conscious lifestyle. Similarly, Google searches for ‘flat bread recipes’ are up 140% over the past year, showing the trend towards casual and easy dining and dishes made for sharing.

Desserts get miniature

If you’re looking for a new way to serve up your classic desserts, 2024 is all about the miniatures. Mini cakes in particular are growing in popularity, as Google searches for ‘bento cake’ are up 196% while ‘what is a bento cake’ has seen a 300% increase in searches. Named after Japanese lunchboxes (bento boxes), these cute and pretty desserts are single-serving cakes that are decorated like full cakes and are small enough to fit into a bento box (hence the name). Think of these as an evolution of mug cakes and cupcakes.

About the expert

Richard Eaton is the Design Director at Denby Pottery. Richard has steered Denby through lifestyle trends for over 30 years. Whilst Richard’s Design team have pioneered innovations in the ceramic industry, traditional skills are still very evident at Denby. Richard also supports new designers having been a judge for the Royal Society of Arts design competitions, advisor on the Princes Youth Business Trust and external assessor at Staffordshire University for the M.A. in Ceramic Design course.