Is being your authentic self the key to winning more business? Should you trust your own voice more? Freelance marketer and content writer, Jo Millett from the Lean Content podcast, Niche Upon a Star, believes as a freelancer being your authentic self should be at the top of the list.

Your unique perspective

With the rise of AI and economic problems across the globe, lots of freelancers are facing hard times. But Jo Millett, 37, mum of two, believes authenticity is the key. The more authentic you are, the more distinctive your business, and the more clients you will win. The more traction your campaigns will gather. How do you discover and learn to trust your own voice?
Your authentic voice stems from being true to who you are as an individual and a professional. It’s the way you share your unique perspective on the world, and it’s something that should come naturally to you. As freelancers, you have the power to trust your own voice, and clients will thank you for that.

Nearly half the world are self-employed

The freelancing world has seen huge growth in the aftermath of the Covid 19 pandemic – according to ‘World Bank’ stats a staggering 46.7%, which is nearly half the world’s working population are self-employed.

  • As of December 2023, there were around 4.37 million self-employed workers in the UK alone.
  • 46% of that figure comprise of female freelancers, with 15% of freelancers are working mums, according to IPSE (The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed).

This figure is increasing year on year as the number of working mums turn to self-employment which often fits in with family life better than employment.

Fail, and try again

Jo says ‘Don’t be afraid to try, fail, and try again. Keep listening to your own intuition and follow your natural instincts. Whatever your freelance career, the more you lean into your own tone of voice and things you enjoy, the faster you’ll discover your true niche.

Jo Millett (former teacher, comedian and now author of three marketing books and marketing guru) from Lean Content has created a podcast called Niche Upon a Star which aims to help freelancers and in particular female freelancers find their authentic voice and learn to trust it.

“I started a podcast to share some much-needed, real-life, gritty positivity about work. I love being a content marketer and I love what I do, and I have some amazing colleagues. I wanted to highlight the experiences of people who started at the same time as me. I kept hearing from newer freelancers how hard it was to run a business, especially if you’re also juggling a family. But a lot of the more experienced people I had around me, who’d been going for a few years, had a different perspective. They loved their work and felt good about what they did. Niche Upon A Star is designed to showcase the positive side of running your own business, and to advocate for people being completely, utterly themselves at work.”

Freelancing in the creative sector is a competitive area to work, this sector has experienced significant growth in the past few years with more freelance content and copy writers, more content creators flooding the market as the raise of social media continues and the demand for content soars.

Jo adds: “My top tip for mums running their own business, actually comes from a podcast guest, Freya Swenson-Costello, ‘Just do it’ – that’s her slogan (and someone else’s, I think!). Don’t overthink it, just go for what you want and keep putting yourself out there. Failure isn’t bad, it’s all a learning journey. Running your own business is worth its weight in gold when you have kids.”

Freelancing like all jobs has highs and lows but being true to yourself will always count for so much. If you are a struggling freelancer; keep going! Or if you are thinking of going freelance; go for it and listen to Niche upon a Star.

About the expert

Freelance Marketer and content expert, Jo Millett from the Lean Content podcast, Niche Upon a Star, believes as a freelancer being your authentic self should be at the top of the list. Niche Upon a Star can be found wherever you listen to podcasts. It champions freelancers and in the podcast explores how best to be your authentic self to get the best from running your own business. Her interviews include chats with brand copy writers and small business owners; Ange Lyons (Lyons Creative). Freya Swenson-Costello (Freya Helps), Glenn Fisher (All Good Copy) and Sophie Cross (Editor of Freelancer Magazine).