Located on Great Russell Street, The Bloomsbury – one of London’s most stylish luxury hotels – is home to Dalloway Terrace. a quintessential English outdoor restaurant perfect for an al fresco summer lunch in the heart of the capital.

Situated just moments away from the British Museum and within walking distance of Covent Garden and Oxford Street, this enchanting space offers an idyllic escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

This summer, Dalloway Terrace has been transformed into an uplifting haven filled with mimosa flowers in collaboration with Maison Mirabeau.

The cheerful mimosas, with their delicate, feathery flowers, add a touch of whimsy and elegance, making it an ideal backdrop for a leisurely lunch in beautiful surroundings.

The terrace is a visual feast, with clusters of bright yellow blooms cascading down from lush green foliage, creating a vibrant and stylish setting.

The limited edition Maison Mirabeau cocktails have been inspired by famed French actresses such as Brigitte Bardot.

The elegant restaurant feels like a secluded secret garden, an oasis of tranquillity where Head Chef James Harrison’s culinary masterpieces arrive at chic, marble-topped tables, each dish a testament to his team’s craftsmanship and flair.

Our summer luncheon began with starters that set an impeccable tone. The Sherry & Smoked Paprika Cured Monkfish with Orange Jam and Pickle Kohlrabi was a masterclass in balance. The subtle smokiness of the monkfish, served in wafer thin slices, was beautifully offset by the citrus zing of the orange jam. The pickled kohlrabi added a refreshing crunch, making each bite a vibrant interplay of sweet, smoky, and tangy notes.

Equally impressive was the Beef Tartare with Cured Hens Egg, Crispy Capers and Sourdough Toast. The richness of the finely chopped beef, enhanced by the unctuous cured hens egg yolk, was elevated by the sharp, salty burst of crispy capers. The delicate sourdough toast provided a perfect vehicle, its crunch a delightful contrast to the creamy tartare. This dish was a symphony of textures and taste, demonstrating Harrison’s refined understanding of classic flavours with a contemporary twist.

The meal was delightfully accompanied by Saicho Sparkling Jasmine Tea, an effervescent marvel hailing from the verdant tea gardens of Fujian Province in China. This drink is a revelation, with each sip offering a delicate floral aroma, evoking the scent of jasmine blossoms. The flavour profile unfolds with notes of apple sherbet, lychee, and a hint of vanilla, creating a harmonious balance that dances on the palate. Perfectly chilled, it provided an elegant complement to the summer dishes, enhancing the overall dining experience with its sophisticated charm.

For mains, the Portland Crab Fresh Linguine with Datterini Tomatoes and Chilli & Lemon was a standout. The sweet, succulent crab meat intertwined with perfectly al dente linguine was a testament to simplicity done right. Datterini tomatoes added bursts of sweetness, while a hint of chilli provided just enough heat to intrigue without overpowering. The zesty lemon brightened the dish, making it a refreshing yet indulgent summer plate.

The Fillet of Gigha Halibut with Pommes Anna, Spinach Purée and Seaweed Butter was an ode to culinary precision. The fish, with its moist, flaky flesh, was delicately infused with seaweed butter, adding a subtle umami depth. Pommes Anna, with its layers of thinly sliced potatoes, were perfectly crisp on the edges and buttery soft within. The spinach purée offered a vibrant, earthy counterpoint, tying the elements together in a harmonious blend of flavours and textures.

The sides were more than mere accompaniments; they were integral to the meal’s overall experience. The Twineham Grange & Truffle Fries were decadently moreish, each one crisp and golden, dressed with aromatic truffle oil and a generous grating of cheese.

The Green Beans with Candied Salted Peanuts and Tahini Dressing were a revelation, the beans’ crunch complemented by the sweet-salty peanuts and the punchy tahini dressing, adding an unexpected but welcome twist.

Desserts at Dalloway Terrace are not to be missed. The Cru Virunga Chocolate Fondant with Caramelised Banana Ice Cream and Brandy Snap was a rich, indulgent conclusion. The fondant’s molten centre oozed decadence, its deep cocoa notes balanced by the caramelised banana ice cream’s sweetness. A delicate brandy snap added a textural contrast, its crispness a delightful counter to the fondant’s gooey richness.

The Ricotta Basque Cheesecake with Raspberries & Pistachio was a lighter, yet equally satisfying end to a splendid meal. The cheesecake, with its creamy, slightly tangy ricotta base, was beautifully complemented by the tartness of fresh raspberries and the crunch of pistachios. Each bite was a harmonious blend of creaminess, sweetness, and nutty crunch, a fitting finale to a sophisticated dining experience.

Head chef James Harrison’s mastery is evident in each dish, showcasing the best of seasonal ingredients. Whether you’re basking in the sun or enjoying the shade of the terrace’s retractable awning, Dalloway Terrace promises a serene and sophisticated dining experience this summer.

Dalloway Terrace at The Bloomsbury
16-22 Great Russell Street
London, WC1B 3NN